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Harun Acaroğlu, Monika Blanke, Mustafa Tabet Opening the Higgs Portal to Lepton-Flavoured Dark Matter arXiv:2309.10700
Max Uetrecht, Igor F. Herbut, Emmanuel Stamou, Michael M. Scherer Absence of SO(4) quantum criticality in Dirac semimetals at two-loop order arXiv:2308.12426
Daniel F. Litim, Nahzaan Riyaz, Emmanuel Stamou, Tom Steudtner Asymptotic Safety Guaranteed at Four Loop arXiv:2307.08747
Joachim Brod, Zachary Polonsky, Emmanuel Stamou A Precise Electron EDM Constraint on CP-odd Heavy-Quark Yukawas arXiv:2306.12478
Lucas Cremer, Johannes Erdmann, Roni Harnik, Jan Lukas Späh, Emmanuel Stamou Leveraging on-shell interference to search for FCNCs of the top quark and the Z boson arXiv:2305.12172


J. Brod, E. Stamou Impact of indirect CP violation on Br(KS→μ+μ−)ℓ=0 arXiv:2209.07445
N. Desai, A. Mariotti, M. Tabet, R. Ziegler The Charged Higgs from the Bottom-Up: Probing Flavor at the LHC arXiv:2206.01761
J. Brod, J. Cornell, D. Skodras, E. Stamou Global Constraints on Yukawa Operators in the Standard Model Effective Theory arXiv:2203.03736