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A Precise Electron EDM Constraint on CP-odd Heavy-Quark Yukawas

  • Stamou
A Precise Electron EDM Constraint on CP-odd Heavy Quark Yukawas Bitte Bildnachweis einfügen


CP-odd Higgs couplings to bottom and charm quarks arise in many extensions of the standard model and are of potential interest for electroweak baryogenesis. These couplings induce a contribution to the electron EDM. The experimental limit on the latter then leads to a strong bound on the CP-odd Higgs couplings. We point out that this bound receives large QCD corrections, even though it arises from a leptonic observable. We calculate the contribution of CP-odd Higgs couplings to the bottom and charm quarks in renormalisation-group improved perturbation theory at next-to-leading order in the strong interaction, thereby reducing the uncertainty to a few percent.


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