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Missing Energy plus Jet in the SMEFT

  • Hiller
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We study the production of dineutrinos in proton-proton collisions, with large missing
transverse energy and an energetic jet as the experimental signature. Recasting a search from
the ATLAS collaboration we work out constraints on semileptonic four-fermion operators,
gluon and electroweak dipole operators and Z-penguins in the SMEFT. All but the Z-penguin
operators experience energy-enhancement. Constraints on gluon dipole operators are the
strongest, probing new physics up to 14 TeV, and improve over existing ones from collider
studies. Limits on FCNC four-fermion operators are competitive with Drell-Yan production
of dileptons, and improve on those for tau final states. For left-handed |∆s| = |∆d| = 1 and
right-handed |∆c| = |∆u| = 1 transitions these are the best available limits, also considering
rare kaon and charm decays. We estimate improvements for the 3000 fb−1 High Luminosity
Large Hadron Collider.


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