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Fakultät Physik

Vacuum Stability in the Standard Model and Beyond

  • Hiller
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We revisit the stability of the Standard Model vacuum, and investigate its quantum effective
potential using the highest available orders in perturbation theory and the most accurate deter-
mination of input parameters to date. We observe that the stability of the electroweak vacuum
centrally depends on the values of the top mass and the strong coupling constant. We estimate that
reducing their uncertainties by a factor of two is sufficient to establish or refute SM vacuum stability
at the 5σ level. We further investigate vacuum stability for a variety of singlet scalar field exten-
sions with and without flavor using the Higgs portal mechanism. We identify the BSM parameter
spaces for stability and find sizable room for new physics. We further study the phenomenology
of Planck-safe models at colliders, and determine the impact on the Higgs trilinear, the Higgs-to-
electroweak-boson, and the Higgs quartic couplings, some of which can be significant. The former
two can be probed at the HL-LHC, the latter requires a future collider with sufficient energy and
precision such as the FCC-hh.