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Are you interested in writing a thesis in the field of theoretical particle physics? We offer topics for bachelor, master and PhD theses on current research questions at any time. Since topics are often found dynamically together with the students, it is recommended to contact us personally. An overview of the theses completed in our group so far can be found below.

If you would like to discuss the possibility of a thesis, please contact us. We are looking forward to a personal conversation with you.



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Dominik Döring Standard Model Extensions with Neutral Leptons: Addressing Dark Matter, Neutrino Oscillations and the Flavor Anomalies Fall 2021
Sinan Zeissner Baryogenesis Originating from Lepton Number Violation Induced by Right-Handed Majorana Neutrinos 2021
Mathias Becker Dark Matter Models and the Neutrino and Flavor Portals 2020
Philipp Sicking Searches for New Physics with Neutrino Oscillations in the High Precision Era 2019
Erik Schumacher A Model-Building Approach to the Origin of Flavor 2016
Daniel Pidt Neutrino masses and flavor symmetries 2014
Dario Schalla Fourth generation neutrinos and neutrino induced hadron production in the resonance region 2013
Sebastian Hollenberg Ensembles, altered dispersion relations and CPT violation in neutrino oscillations and charged lepton decays 2012
Philipp Leser Enlarged Higgs sectors as a window into flavor symmetric theories beyond the standard model of particle physics 2012

Master theses

Patrick Adolf Radiative neutrino masses and the Cohen-Kaplan-Nelson bound 2023
Sara Krieg Influence of an entanglement gravitationally induced phase on neutrino oscillation and baryon asymmetry. 2022
Jan Leo Löwe Majorana Particle Induced Washout of the Baryon Asymmetry of the Universe and Dark Matter 2022
Dominik Hellmann Cosmological implications of sterile neutrinos taking shortcuts through extra dimensions in the primordial plasma 2021
Jan Appelt Gravitational wave generation through hydrodynamic turbulences from a cosmological first order phase transition of a broken U(1)B-L symmetry 2019
Tim Christopher Brune Generalized Constraints on a Massive Majoron Coupling to Neutrinos and Majoron Dark Matter 2018
Jonathan Kriewald Constraints from Lepton Flavour Violation on sterile Neutrino Dark Matter 2018
Felix Meier Hawking Radiation in asymmetrically warped extra dimensions 2017
Max Kaemper Neutrino oscillations from periodic dispersion relations 2017
Mathias Becker Extra Dimensional Seesaw Mechanism and Its Effect on Neutrino Oscillations 2016
Tobias Büscher Entanglement and Decoherence in Neutrino Oscillations 2016
Dominik Döring Kaluza-Klein spectrum and altered dispersion relations of fermions in asymmetrically warped five dimensional spacetimes 2016
Markus Crank Oscillation Analysis of Atmospheric Neutrinos at Super-Kamiokande 2016
Sinan Zeissner Majorana-assisted GUT baryogenesis. 2016
Elke Aeikens Sterile neutrino oscillation with altered dispersion relations in cosmology and astrophysics 2014
Philipp Sicking Knots and Links in High Energy Physics 2014
Erik Schumacher Neutrino mass models with large mixing originating from the right-handed sector 2013
Maximilian Schlupp Discovery potential of the LHC at s = 7 TeV for like-sign di-electrons as a test for Neutrinoless Double Beta Decay in RPV mSUGRA 2011
Markus Supsar Phenomenological consequences of sterile neutrinos in extra dimensions 2011
Christophe Cauet Inverse Seesaw Mechanism in Low-Scale Trinification Models 2009
Sebastian Hollenberg Non-standard dispersion relations in neutrino oscillation phenomena 2009
Philipp Leser Phenomenological Consequences of an S3 Flavor Symmetric Extension of the Standard Model 2009
Daniel Pidt Neutrino Masses and Lepton Flavor Violating Decays in the Minimal Supersymmetric Standard Model without R-Parity 2009

Bachelor theses

Leonard Berndt UV / IR Mixing and the Dark Energy in the Universe 2023
Matthias Raschke Neutrino oscillations in the gravitational field 2023
Hau Zhang Limits on majoron neutrino coupling from neutrinoless double beta decay in different bases 2023
Jonas Ollesch Limits on majoron-neutrino couplings from Supernova explosions in different bases 2023
Sara Krieg Decoherence at black holes 2020
Jan Ellbracht Quantum mechanics, multiverse scenarios, and the dimensional problem in the perpetual inflation model 2019
Piet Hoffmann Entanglement in systems with many particles 2019
Lara Nollen MiniBooNE and neutrinos with altered dispersion relations 2019
Lucas Witthaus Phase space density evolution in the early universe 2019
Carlo Tasillo Freeze-in production of sterile neutrino dark matter 2018
Tim Christopher Brune Leptoquark-Higgs Interactions Generating Majorana Neutrino Masses at 1-Loop Order and Flavour U(1) Symmetries 2017
Ryan Kellermann Washing out a baryon asymmetry by introducing right-handed neutrinos 2017
Kyra Klos CP and unitarity violation in neutrino oscillation in matter and dark matter 2017
Nina Portnoy Gauge symmetries 2017
Carl Schultze The observer in a theory of quantum cosmology 2017
Jan Appelt Considerations of neutrino oscillations in supernova-like environments. 2016
Rigo Bause Transformations of the Lotka-Volterra equations 2016
Marcel Golz Decoherence and the system of quantum mechanical Brownian motion 2016
Jonathan Kriewald Applications of the MSW effect for resonant production of sterile neutrinos as dark matter 2016
Constantin Meyer Development of a simple brain simulation based on the Ising model to illustrate the emergence of consciousness 2016
Piero Avola Group theorem approach to flavor model building with horizontal symmetry S4 2015
Lukas Windgätter Group theorem model building for the description of the PMNS matrix usingA4. 2015
Felix Meier Mathematical foundations for the general theory of relativity 2015
Mathias Becker Symmetrically and asymmetrically warped spacetimes with one extra dimension 2014
Tobias Büscher Neutrino oscillations in matter of variable electron density 2014
Max Kaemper Duality and the Lotka-Volterra equations 2014
Maximilian Reininghaus Neutrino oscillations in the wave packet formalism 2014
Hannah Rullkötter Neutrino oscillations and the analogy of the MSW and the Landau-Zener effect 2014
Sinan Zeissner Future Memory 2014
Benjamin Knopp Evolution and time direction 2013
Daniel Schmidt Cosmic inflation in the early universe and the effect of domain walls on the expansion velocity 2012
Matthias Schmidt The influence of cosmic strings on the expansion behavior of the universe 2012
Huseyin Vural Geodesics in asymmetrically warped extradimensional spacetimes 2012
Artem Averin Investigation of wormholes for violation of energy conditions and possibilities for construction of time machines using methods of general relativity 2010
Malte Dyckmanns Causality in the Kerr metric 2010
Charlotte Mielke Closed timelike curves in string spacetimes 2010
Peter Schuh The Alcubierre-Warpdrive metric 2010