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Synergies of Drell-Yan, beauty, top, and Z observables in MFV-SMEFT

  • Hiller
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The Standard Model Effective Field Theory (SMEFT) is a powerful tool to search for new physics in a model-independent way. We explore the synergies arising from different types of observables in a combined, global SMEFT fit. Specifically, we investigate the combination of top-quark measurements, b→s flavor changing neutral current transitions, Z→bb¯ and Z→cc¯, as well as Drell-Yan data from the LHC. We also examine the impact of Minimal Flavor Violation (MFV) as a flavor pattern in the global fit. We find that the combination of high-pT with flavor physics observables provides powerful synergies that significantly improve the fit and enable more precise tests of various SMEFT operators. By incorporating different observables, we are able to remove flat directions in the parameter space and infer on the flavor structure based on the MFV parameterization. In particular, we find that MFV significantly strengthens the constraints in comparison to a flavor-specific approach. Furthermore, our analysis yields a prediction for the dineutrino branching ratios (B→K(∗)νν¯) within MFV, which can be tested experimentally at Belle II.

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